A blogging platform for professionals

Qards is a blogging platform focused on performance and on closing the gap between content publishers and developers


Say good bye to web servers and databases

Qards is a blogging platform powered by a static site generator and it will run on any CDN without a sweat.


Zero costs. Even for blogs with millions of visitors

With modern tools such as Netlify you can have a super-busy blog operating at scale and with zero costs.


Your content is smart and powered by rich cards

It's time to raise the bar when it comes to content creation. Qards allows you to create interactive, smart content.


Blazing fast, cdn-powered blogs at any scale

Your deployments are converted to static assets and served from content delivery networks - closer to your visitors.


Modern technologies with React and GatsbyJs

Qards is using the latest and most modern technologies to ensure a pleasant and open experience for your developers.


Un-hackable safe deployments.

Worry-free deployments that operate without servers or databases. Time to stop worrying about break-ins.


Tens of smart components to get started

Charts, galleries, dynamic tables, embeds, quotes, audio playlists and so much more. Your publishers will love it!


Cached, offline and mobile first by default

Your content is cached via service workers, pre-fetched for faster experience and designed to look good on mobiles.


Publishers and developers working together

Let's break those boundaries and allow your publishers to express their ideas using smart, interactive content.

Developers and Publishers express without barriers

With Qards, developers are free to shape content however they like; a content that is pure and speaks metadata about itself. No junk or polluted WYSIWYG editors.


Create and publish cards that take various configurations to display the content. Cards can be updated/re-designed at any time without any additional work required from the publishers.


Create content using Contentful CMS and tweak the available configuration points. No HTML is generated and the content is saved in its original state.

Supercharge your content with Qards

Supercharge your content

It's time to change the way we are sending content to our users and make use of the latest technologies that make your website faster, cheaper, easier to operate, more secure and engaging

Qards website
Performance indexQards blog deployed to a CDN that served from a location close to where the test was made
  • First meaningful paint
    980 ms
  • First interactive
    3,210 ms
  • Consistently interactive
    3,210 ms
  • Perceptual Speed Index
  • Estimated Input Latency
    170 ms
Wordpress website
Performance indexWordpress blog deployed to a Digitalocean droplet (2vCPU, 4gb ram) located close to where the test was made
  • First meaningful paint
    3,180 ms
  • First interactive
    6,230 ms
  • Consistently interactive
    6,230 ms
  • Perceptual Speed Index
  • Estimated Input Latency
    16 ms

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It has audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, and more.