Supported cards

Qards - List of supported cards

This is a list with all the supported types of cards. This list will be updated with each additions so make sure you check it out regularly.

Card Hero

Well, you're looking at it. It has a title and subtitle.

The hero (name subject to change as I'm not sure it's the right one) is like a heading. It is being used to separate chapters and its title will be included in the Table of contents that follows every post.


One or multiple images that will be inserted accordingly

A gallery can contain a single picture or multiple ones. When multiple images are linked, the gallery will create a slider for them. Each image will also open (when clicked) in a full page modal for preview (not currently supported).

Audio playlist

An audio playlist can contain one or multiple audio files


Accordions of collapsed content

Code blocks

Sections of code that you want to present

Video embed

Simple widget that supports all major video platforms and embeds from their source

A rare footage of a very young Mike Tyson sparring Jimmy Clark in 1983


Callouts visually highlight important content for the user. They can contain a title, an icon and a message.


Timezone aware countdowns to events

Sometimes you want to inform your users of certain events. Dealing with dates, events and timezones has always been a struggle. This widget renders a countdown to a specified date and it shows the remaining time and event date in the user's timezone which is detected by the browser. Everything is clear and confusion-free.


Reference another post within a card

Using references you can link to other posts. A card is automatically created with the post title, excerpt and post cover (if exists). The card is meant to refer to other posts and keep your readers engaged.

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