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engaging content has many routes

Read about our new widget called 'references' and learn how to create engaging content that keeps readers on your website

Keeping readers engaged is crucial to your success and also SEO nowadays. Bounce rates affect your SEO and this often comes from a poor linking strategy. Linking to other posts helps readers discover related content and keeps them busy on your website.

It's very rare that I read a good post and then hit the homepage to see what else are they writing about so keep that in mind and always try to link to related content.

With so many changes in Googles algorithm there's no surprise that bounce rates are a big factor in ranking these days. After all, it's the only measure they have to rank the authority of your content. If the user enters and returns to search results in just a matter of seconds this really is an indication of poor content or lack of carefully structured pathways designed to keep the user engaged.

Whatever it is, you need to address it right away.

Great content is not always enough

Having great content is not enough if there's no way of finding it besides direct entry via search engines or external links. Your platform should be flexible enough to let you address this issue and I'm glad to announce that such a widget has made its way into Qards. Here's an example instance that references to another post:

To add such a widget you only have to enter its title and Qards will do the rest of the job by matching and generating the display for it. It is responsive and looks good even when multiple ones are added in a sequence.

In case you delete referenced posts, Qards will silently skip them without any errors.

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